Istanbul University from the Establishment in 1453 

by Fatih Sultan Mehmed to Atatürk‟s University 

Reform in 1933 

Prof. Dr. Arslan Terzioğlu 


2003 is a very important year for it is hosting very important events: one of the crucial events of the past millennium; the conquest of Istanbul and the 550th anniversary of the establishment of Istanbul University by Fatih Sultan Mehmed; the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic and the 70th anniversary of the university reform in 1933 by Great Ataturk. Today, by the opening of this international symposium, we will enlighten scientifically the relations between one of the Europe‟s oldest universities; Istanbul University’s past and the European Universities. The Ottoman Turkish Empire was realm on 3 continents during 14th ,15th and 16th centuries. One of the reasons for this success, that this huge empire‟s government was putting emphasis on science, technique and young generations who would be directing the culture. The empire was applying a multidirectional educational system. We can classify Ottoman educational system under four dots.

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